19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Vision & Mission


Vision of the College

Veritas College is a learning community that strives to live the message of Jesus as both a support and challenge to its members’ all-round growth: growth in their humanity, in their gifts, their awareness and care, their ability to achieve, and their commitment to contribute.

Mission of the College

The mission of the college is to educate young people to live fully in their world, not only with knowledge and competence but with the integrity and purpose that comes from the vision and values of Jesus as they pursue and participate in the unfolding of truth.(‘Veritas’)

Our Values

Responsiveness to the needs of all of the Veritas College Community.
Respect for the individual and the dignity of life in all its forms.
Honesty, Openness and Integrity.
Quality Education and Service.
Empowerment of and participation by all of our families.
Search for Truth, Justice and Peace.