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Very Important Letter 15 January 2021 re-Covid

15 January 2021
Dear Veritas Families

We are sure that many families have been following the media reports regarding the delayed reopening of the school year. We have been in consultation with ISASA and the Catholic Schools Office and it is apparent that the Basic Education Department wants all schools to remain closed until the 15th of February as they are concerned about the rise in the COVID infection rate and how it will impact on health services. They are particularly concerned about the increase in teenage infections.

As an Independent School we have the right to remain open, however, on the recommendation from ISASA and to support this national campaign, we, together with other Independent Schools, will revert to remote teaching and learning as of Wednesday, 20 January 2021.
We will, however, continue to open as planned on Monday, 18 January and Tuesday, 19 January as per the staggered timetable. i.e.

Preparatory School
Monday, 18 January – 1,3,5,7
Tuesday, 19 January – 2,4,6,7
Senior School
Monday, 18 January – Grade 12, 10, 8
Tuesday, 19 January – Grades 12, 11, 9

Early Childhood Development sections have been given an exemption to remain open so our Pre-Preparatory (Playgroup, Grades 000, 00 and R) will continue with their normal classes every day, Monday to Friday, as per our Newsletter.
Our teachers are preparing themselves for remote classes and will be ready to go online on Wednesday, 20 January.
Monday and Tuesday will give our teachers the opportunity to meet their new learners and to give them the necessary information regarding their remote teaching.

The Preparatory learners, Grade 1 – 7, will receive the remote teaching (Edmodo) registration numbers and instructions on how to register themselves (with the help of their parents) for their various classes. Textbooks will be handed out and work packs for the remainder of the week will also be given to them. Thereafter, work packs will be available to them every Monday morning between 07:00 and 08:00. Tables will be set up outside the school for parents/guardians to collect and to deliver the previous week’s work for the teachers to mark.

The Senior School learners will have the opportunity to meet all their subject teachers and receive the necessary documentation for remote teaching and learning. Remote teaching and learning will include Google Classroom, WhatsApp group chats, recorded You Tube classes
and/or Zoom lessons. Textbooks will be issued, email addresses and cellphone numbers will be recorded. On Monday the Grade 8 leaners will get the opportunity to meet their teachers and be orientated.

If families feel uncomfortable about sending their children to school, either on the Monday or Tuesday, for these ‘orientation’ type days, you may keep them at home. It would, however, assist your child’s online learning if their textbooks, work packs and other necessary registration documents for the online platforms, could be collected by a family member.

We understand that these measures will be very disruptive and challenging for our families, particularly our younger learners who require much parental involvement and support. We hope and pray that everybody remains healthy and safe and that the peak of this pandemic subsides quickly so that our children can get back to school to carry on working in their classrooms with their teachers.

Veritas College Management Team