Learner-Support Programme

The ethos of our school encourages and promotes the recognition and value of every child. We support and acknowledge the theory of multiple intelligences and strive to promote each child developing his or her own unique skills and abilities. We do however value the need and importance placed on traditional academic skills and the importance that these foundational skills place on future academic and personal growth. With this in mind, our school offers a variety of programmes aimed at supporting those learners who have not achieved the personal standards they are capable of.


Early identification and support for a variety of social, emotional and educational difficulties is offered by certified school counsellors. Where further support is needed, appropriate referrals are made.

Occupational Therapist

On certain days, an occupational therapist is available on the Preparatory and Pre Preparatory School Campus for evaluation and appropriate support to those children experiencing visual-motor or other sensory integration and developmental difficulties.  Referral is usually made by a class teacher, following which an assessment of the child’s strengths and weaknesses takes place. Upon recommendation, further intervention strategies are taken into account.

Speech Therapist

On certain days, a speech therapist is available on our preparatory school campus for further evaluation and support to those children who have difficulties with speech and other forms of language development. Referral is usually made by the child’s class teacher following which an assessment and appropriate intervention strategies take place.

Learner-Support Classes

The school runs a variety of programmes across the various grades assisting those learners in need of additional academic support.  While the foundation phase offers class-specific intervention strategies, the learners in grades 4-7 who are not meeting the required standards are expected to attend Learner-Support Classes. The foundations of these classes are basic English, Mathematics and Afrikaans.

Pastoral Care

Children experiencing bereavement, family struggles or any other social or emotional difficulty are offered support through our pastoral care programme. This forms part of our basic ethos as a Catholic school- caring for one another in our community. Apart from the support available from teachers, staff and peers, we also have a Priest available on campus that is available for any chaplaincy needs.