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Support programme

When it arises that a pupil is battling academically, the first support system to remedy the situation would be consultation with the subject teacher. Either the learner could consult directly with the teacher or parents could approach the relevant teacher at Parents Evening (held each term) or telephonically. The teacher would then give advice on remedial measures and arrange for extra lessons, if necessary. The subject teacher and parents would need to liaise with each other frequently so that the pupils’ progress is closely monitored and remedial measures are implemented whenever necessary.

If the above method is unsuccessful, the next step to be taken is the granting of a “Special Concession or Accommodation” by the IEB. This is applied for when a child has learning difficulties, attention deficiency, illegible handwriting, dyslexia and dysphasia, amongst others. A battery of tests has to be done by a registered psychologist, at considerable expense, and the school has to supply various types of information and submit the application to the IEB. Accommodations include:
* Use of a separate venue
* Use of a reader, scribe or prompter
* Use of a laptop and
* For disabled or diabetic pupils there are concessions.

Psychologists at the IEB then consider and analyse the application before approval is granted.

The IEB also grants “Immigrant Status” to pupils coming from foreign countries, so that they are excluded from doing a second language ie. Afrikaans or isiZulu.