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Sports Overview

Sport is an essential part of the school curriculum. The skills that are learnt on the fields and during courses and in pools are an integral and invaluable part of an education. The ability to work together as a team, co-operation with others, dedication and loyalty are skills vital in adult life.
Our aims with Extra-Curricular activities in the Educational Programme are:
 Instil acceptance of Christian Norms and Values as experienced on the sports field.
 Encourage Emotional and Ethical development.
 Fulfil various needs like a sense of achievement, independence and a sense of belonging.
 Help learners establish a balanced way of life.
 Encourage Social Development.
 Promote Leadership Skills.
 Encourage Cultural and Physical Development. 
It is crucial that each learner becomes involved in the extra-curricular programmes that the College offers. There is something for everyone. Our focus in sport is on participation rather than individual brilliance in the competitive leagues. We encourage team work and team co-operation.
We have quality equipment and to ensure that we provide the best coaching possible we have qualified, professional coaches. We have dynamic co-ordinators who ensure that everything runs smoothly and that we participate in as many sporting activities as possible. We have our own buses for transportation to and from matches and tournaments.