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Sport Awards Criteria

1. Awards are to be made with the proviso that the College participates in an activity on a regular inter-schools / league basis and that a member of staff supervises that activity. All awards will be made at the discretion of the Awards Committee, which will act on the recommendations made by the coaches and managers. The Awards Committee may also, at their discretion, withdraw any award made.

2. At the end of the season (for that specific sporting code) the coach will score each and every player who participated for the duration of the season according to the Veritas college Sports Awards criteria points system. The score shall come from a spreadsheet that is to be completed after every event and /or practice,
Learners nominated for an award will be rated by the coach for that sport in the following areas:
1. Representation
2. Loyalty and commitment to the team – see italics below.
3. Sportsmanship / Behaviour
4. Leadership
5. Years of involvement
6. Other – player of the year, tournament, etc.

This assessment is a standardized procedure for all learners in all sports. Once the rating is completed by the coach/manager, the recommendation is forwarded to the Awards Committee, and with the approval of the Principal will either be granted or turned down by virtue of the total points achieved.

If a learner comes from another school, their achievement/s at the other school will be taken into consideration, as long as written proof is provided from that school, at the discretion of the Awards Committee.

Achievement of the points total only makes the learner eligible for consideration. Gross misbehaviour at the College or at any function, at the discretion of the Principal, will result in disqualification from award assessment and forfeiture of previous awards.

Should a learner be over-committed e.g. soccer and hockey in the same term, the learner should attend at least the compulsory practice every week. Matches / meetings and galas must take preference over all practices. This will be taken into consideration for Colours purposes. The Leaner will be given the credits for practices missed due to the reasons above. The Learner will be severely penalised for pulling out of sporting events at the last minute should they not have a doctor’s note explaining the reason for not participating.

If a learner gets outside coaching and cannot attend college practices, they must submit a signed letter by the coach to qualify for the 95% attendance for practices. Outside coaching will only be allowed only by consent of the coach / manager in charge of that sport.
This type of Colours system will necessitate that accurate records of attendance and achievements be kept by the coaches / managers in charge of that activity or sport.

Coaches / Managers score each learner according to the criteria of points.
The Head of Sport is to approve/disapprove the recommendations according to the set criteria.
A meeting is to be scheduled with the Awards Committee and the Head/coach of each present with each sport or activity, under consideration.
At the meeting the Head of Sport is to present the recommendations and provide motivation for the application.

1. 3 full colours for any sporting code awarded during the learners career constitutes an Honours award
2. Team award can only be awarded to a learner in grade 10 – 12. In grade 8 and 9 a certificate will be issued.
If a learner comes from another school, the performance at that school will be taken into consideration.