RELIGIOUS EDUCATION is that part of the school curriculum which helps the learner to explore the religious dimension of human experience.  It seeks to develop the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes, and the experience-base necessary for the learner to grow towards maturity in that dimension.

The AIM of Religious Education, in the Catholic School, is to nurture in its students their personal gifts of faith so as to bring awareness, growth, true freedom, and healing into their daily lives.  It will equip them in every sphere to help in the building of responsible and life-giving communities that are signs of hope for the world.

The gospel of Jesus both inspires this aim and provides its thrust.

Recognising our call to participate in the Catholic Church’s mission to share the gospel of Jesus, we, the staff, students, and parents of VERITAS COLLEGE, acknowledge our responsibility to provide an environment in which this gospel is lived out and experienced.  This includes:

* Maintaining and fostering the Catholic ethos and faith environment of the whole school
* Nurturing the faith of all those within the school community
* Being responsive to the changing needs and programmes of the local church, Catholic Schools, and education

To this end, VERITAS COLLEGE, offers a co-ordinated, comprehensive RE programme, under the leadership of an RE Co-ordinator (or head of RE), that includes:

* a weekly assembly programme
* celebrating major Christian liturgical feasts and other significant days through liturgy, mass and Para liturgy
* student and staff reflection days and retreats
* an RE curriculum
* a pastoral care programme
* a clear understanding with the Catholic learner’s parish regarding the school’s role in their sacramental preparation

The school’s RE curriculum is:

* well-structured and coherent, organized and resourced, across the school
* relevant to all learners, thus keeping classes together except where Catholic pupils need to be identified as members of the Catholic Church.
* sensitive to students and their relationship to their faith and their religious communities
* life-centred and rooted in an African context
* given a timetabled allocation of 2 hours per week
* orientated to using appropriate forms of learner assessment (e.g. term reports and portfolios)

Our RE Programme is constantly renewed through:

* regular RE team meetings
* on-going formation of RE teachers and staff through in-service programmes, reflection days and retreats
* periodic evaluation

Parents receive regular news on the RE Programme and invitations to take part in various events.

Drawing on our rich heritage many special days are celebrated during the Liturgical Year:

The Feast of St Thomas Aquinas (The Patron Saint of Veritas College)

The Feast of St Dominic

The Feast of Edmund Rice

The Feast of St Patrick

The Feast of Our Lady

Ash Wednesday


Ascension Thursday


On these days ALL pupils are required to attend Mass or are reminded of their importance at School Assemblies.