We are proud of our record of encouraging learners to be independent and forward-thinking, within a caring, supportive environment. Our effective Student Leadership Programme promotes responsibility and accountability. We strive towards our learners reaching their full potential both in and out of the classroom. We have smaller classes so each learner has the opportunity to receive individual attention.

We encourage our learners to get involved with their community and our Edmund Rice Society conducts various Outreach Programmes.

The development of our learners into fully functioning adults is taken very seriously and we provide support and life skills to assist them as they mature.

Our Sporting Facilities are extensive. We boast a fully equipped Kitchen attached to our cosy “Veritasty” restaurant.

The Computer Room boasts the latest technology and is continuously being upgraded. We offer technology-based teaching facilities including magnificent Promethean Boards, Smart Boards, Mimio Boards and projectors, which are connected to computers in various classrooms; these teaching aids are used extensively. Our Laboratories are fully equipped and up-to-date.

We celebrate our main Liturgical events by having Holy Mass with the Prep School at least once a term which is always a highlight in our R.E. programme. Both teachers and students look forward to the opportunity to join collectively as one College. We also celebrate Mass as a High School in our school hall every month. We continue to make the celebration of Mass a truly central part of our RE programme and thereby reflect the College’s Catholic ethos.