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1. Learners may not cheat or copy the work of another pupil or person.

2. Learners may not throw dangerous objects, outside supervised activities, that can cause bodily injury or damage to property.

3. Learners may not be truant; for example, be absent from the College without sufficient reason, bunk classes, sports practices, cultural activities or a legitimate College commitment.

4. Learners may not use profanities, vulgar language, or obscene gestures regardless of the circumstances.

5. All learners must comply with lawful directives issued by College personnel or College policies, rules and regulations.

6. Learners should not speak other languages in the formal College situation; only English should be spoken.

7. Learners may not chew gum on campus.

8. Learners may not commit a violation of the laws of the country. The College will not hesitate to contact the relevant authorities.

9. Learners may not engage in misconduct, as defined by the College rules, on College transport. College transport shall be considered
an extension of the classroom and pupils travelling on College transport are expected to conduct themselves accordingly. The same applies to venues the College visits.

10. Learners may not violate the dress and grooming rules.
When uniform is worn, it must be neat, tidy and complete. This also applies when uniform is worn in town, after College and on any
other occasion.

11. No Learners may leave the campus during College hours without obtaining permission slip from the office. This will only be furnished if there is a letter from a parent, or the pupil is fetched by a parent due to sudden illness. If a pupil is taken ill they must obtain the permission to leave class from the teacher and report to the office. The office will phone the parent or caregiver to make arrangements for the child to be fetched from the College. A learner may not phone a parent directly using personal cell phones to be collected from the College. The office is to be contacted and the office (reception) wills phone the parent or guardian concerned.

12. Cell phones and any other electronic devices may not be switched on during contact time. This includes assemblies, class time and Mass services. The College takes no responsibility for a pupil’s cell phone, computer or other electronic devices at the College, or any other property of whatsoever nature. Lockers are provided and these are monitored by camera. The use of electronic devices to listen to music etc, (eg: cell phones, I-Pod’s and PSP’s) are not allowed during contact time, assemblies, College functions, Mass, etc.

13. Pupils may not drive cars or motorbikes onto campus, except if they are in possession of a valid driver’s licence and written permission has been obtained from the Head of Discipline. Pupils may not drive out of the college premises during the College day without special permission. No pupil may transport another without the expressed permission from that pupil’s parents. Pupils collected from Mass from the church must inform the principal and/or Head of discipline that private transport has been arranged for them to be collected from the church and transported back to the senior college.

14. Pupils may not intentionally damage any property of Veritas College. Pupils will be held responsible for any damage to the College’s property. Malicious damage will be reported to the police.

15. Veritas College has a zero tolerance policy concerning bullying.
Bullying includes any act committed by a pupil, either individually or with others, to another pupil for the purpose of subjecting the other pupil to indignity, humiliation, intimidation, and physical abuse, social or other ostracism, shame or disgrace. Such conduct is prohibited. “Dissing” is also prohibited. This includes use of social media via any electronic device.

16. Veritas College has a zero tolerance policy in respect of initiation.
Pupils may not participate in initiation (including sports initiation) or any other abuse of power, of whatsoever nature. This is seen in a most serious light.

17. Veritas College has a zero tolerance policy concerning nicotine products, including – but not limited to: cigarettes, cigars, pipes, snuff or chewing of tobacco while they are on campus or in College uniform. It may not be possessed or used. A pupil is not allowed to possess and/or distribute to other pupils of the College, and/or consume any of the aforesaid substances whilst on campus or in College uniform.

18. Veritas College has a zero tolerance policy concerning alcohol and drugs. Pupils shall not possess, distribute, use, transmit, trade or be under the influence of any of the following substances whilst on campus or in College uniform. Any transgression will result in parents being contacted and the relevant tests being done on campus or at a medical facility. If the latter, the results to be made available to the college within 24 hours.
a. Any controlled substance or dangerous drug as defined by South African Law, including, but not limited to marijuana, any narcotic drug, hallucinogen, stimulant, depressant, amphetamine and barbiturate;
b. alcohol or any alcoholic beverage;
c. any other intoxicant, or mood-changing, mind-altering, or behaviour-altering drugs or substance, unless prescribed by a Medical Practitioner.

19. Pupils may not forge signatures, letters and any other documentation pertaining to College administration.

20. Pupils may not assault each other.
Assault is defined at Veritas College as:
a. intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causing bodily injury to another person;
b. intentionally or knowingly threatening another with bodily injury;
c. intentionally or knowingly initiating physical contact with another when the pupil knows or should reasonably believe that the other will regard the contact as offensive or provocative;
d. intentionally or knowingly touching others in inappropriate ways;
e. Verbal abuse – this includes any aggressive verbal response to educators, peers or anyone employed by the college.
f. Emotional abuse, this includes a response that causes the party being taken to task, feeling threatened and causing that party to feel threatened.
g. Threats of assault. Again, this is a matter for the South African Police Services.

21. Conduct by pupils either in or out of class which, for any reason – whether because of time, place, or manner of behaviour – materially disrupts class work or involves substantial disorder or invasion of the rights of others is prohibited. This includes pupils arriving late for lessons which cause disruption of the lesson.

22. Pupils may not display discourteous behaviour towards teachers, visitors and other pupils.
This may include, but shall not be limited to:-
a. conduct such as talking in class out of turn, or interrupting other pupils whilst they are talking or being spoken to by the teacher, or coming to class late without permission, sleeping in class, leaving the class without permission and coming to class without the correct materials;
b. not greeting visitors, staff and seniors on the College campus;
c. not standing when greeting visitors and staff.

23. Pupils may not engage in theft or tamper with other people’s possessions. Theft is a criminal matter and needs to be reported to the police.

24. Pupils may not engage in littering. The college reserves the right to keep pupils after college hours to pick up litter.

25. Pupils may not view pornographic material on College premises or bring such material onto College premises. Pupils may not view pornographic material on the internet, television, cell phone, MP3-player, video cassette or DVD, or any other electronic device. Threatening others or sending rude and offensive messages and/or images via a cell phone or e-mail is strictly prohibited. This again, is a matter for the South African police Services.

26. Excessive or unseemly displays of affection between Veritas pupils or between Veritas pupils and people who are not Veritas pupils is not acceptable on the College campus or anywhere while in College uniform. (PDA – Public Display of Affection)

27. No pupil may act in such a way, in or outside the College or at College sponsored activities, in or out of term, which brings the good name of the College into disrepute.

28. Pupils may not spread malicious rumours of or concerning teachers, other pupils, or the College in general.

29. The College day ends at 14:20. Parents need to make appropriate arrangements to pick up learners not involved in afternoon activities. Loitering on the College campus is not allowed. Classes and Sport activities are offered to all learners every day.