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Religious Ethos


Veritas College is a Catholic school grounded in the Educational vision of the Dominican Order and the Christian Brothers.  Our ethos is Catholic, which encompasses the following beliefs:

We believe that every person, being created by God, is essentially good.  Our challenge is to create the broad educational framework and opportunities in order to enable each learner to aspire to that goodness.

We believe that God is revealed in all things through:

  • The beauty of nature,
  • The challenge of work,
  • The wonder of human affection and love,
  • The awareness of the spiritual.

We believe that we are indeed “our brother’s keeper” so that together we can form a caring school community.  We believe that as educators we have a serious responsibility to teach our subject matter passionately, and to inspire learners to love knowledge and discover their individual talents so that they can set and realize their academic goals.

We believe that we have an obligation to teach for life: each learner should leave Veritas with a clear sense of the ethical and moral challenges of life.  Hopefully we do challenge learners to be counter-cultural so that they do not become blind followers, but are able to reason independently about how they will choose to live.  If we fail to uncover the spiritual and to encourage learners to be members of faith communities then our own existence is challenged. As a Catholic School we must have respect for all believers regardless of their particular spiritual journey.