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Performing Arts event per event

Below please find explanations of different, exciting Performing Arts activities on offer that each learner is encouraged to participate in. Although the College tries to list each activity, it is almost impossible to do so as numerous events are either once-off competitions or may take place during the College’s holidays.

Public Speaking
South African Speech & Drama College – Guild Team Prepared Speeches and Best Individual Speakers’ Competition.
Veritas enters two teams per grade consisting of four speakers per team. We compete against 4 or 5 local East Rand and Johannesburg schools. This is usually an evening function and part of the excitement is meeting new learners from vastly different backgrounds. Our Individual Best Speaker is chosen from our Grade 11 and 12 learners.

Springs Music & Arts Festival
This is an old, favourite festival that takes place in Springs on an annual basis. Learners may enter any number of events such as: verse speaking, public speaking (prepared & unprepared), monologues, dramatized verse, mime etc.

Rotary Speech Competition
Organized by the Rotary Club of Springs, our best individual speakers from each grade are invited to speak at a local school.

Inter-CBC Debating
The Inter CBC Debating Competition is held over three days. Prior to arriving teams have to research challenging and very often, thought- provoking topics in order to prepare themselves for their challenges.
Once two rounds have taken place, topics are given on the day, meaning that the speakers have to race against time in order to prepare their debate for the same day. The aim is to convince the adjudicator and The House at Large that their argument is the strongest and most convincing. The students do so by challenging their opponents tactfully, eloquently and in a very assertive manner. The Veritas College team is feisty and phenomenal in the way they put across their views and defend their argument- it is always impressive to see how these young, confident students conduct themselves.

SACEE Debating
Run by the South African Council of English Educators, we are proud to re-introduce this form of debating this year.
Mini United Nations (MUN) Debating
This debate is open to those who have a genuine interest in current affairs. We compete against local East Rand and Johannesburg schools. These debates build up to the Model United Nations Debate (General Assembly and Security Council sessions) held at the University of the Witwatersrand.
We received a 3rd place in the Position Paper section in 2011 and won the same section in 2014.

Pop Poetry
Inter-House and external competitions
This dynamic form of poetry is for those who enjoy writing and performing their own poetry. It is for those who have rhythm and performing skills. Here learners are allowed to speak their minds as no topic is off-limits. This competition is staged against peers at Inter-House level or against Johannesburg schools in a vibrant, arty atmosphere such as the Victory Theatre in Orange Grove that has staged these events.

One Act Plays
Inter-House One-Act Plays Evening
This is an exciting and popular evening filled with laughter. These plays are chosen and directed by our more senior learners. An invited adjudicator ends the evening by presenting Oscars to the most talented in each House. Please note that this is a compulsory evening for all Grade 8s and Grade 9s even if they are not participating in the plays themselves.

(Repertory Amateur Players’ Society) or the professional One-Act Play
RAPs is for any serious aspiring actor or learner interested in theatre and stage- craft. This competition based at the University of the Witwatersrand Theatre is a much acclaimed competition featuring 40 schools; many stringent rules are applied. Various professionals in the world of theatre and film not only run this programme but critically judge the plays. Because of the intensity of this competition, Veritas enters RAPS every third year.

Writing competitions
Veritas enters competitions when we are exposed to them – from Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Library Essay Writing competitions (which Nonduduzo Simelane won in 2015) to sending off contributions to English Alive! and the popular “What my Father Means to me” Essay Writing competition.

Art Festivals
“A picture is worth a thousand words” … For learners who prefer to paint rather than speak we enter numerous Art competitions.

Springs Music & Art Festival
This is held on an annual basis. Paintings using various mediums and sketches are based on a specific theme.

Veritas Internal Art Competition
This is done in conjunction with our Preparatory school, where art work can be based on any theme.

The Star Design-an-Ad Competition
Grade 11 or 12 learners are invited by The Star newspaper to design their front page based on a particular theme. Grades 8 – 11 are given specific companies or organizations to depict. Kudakwashe Mubaiwa was the 2015 Runner-up (out of 20 000 entrants!) to the Front Page Competition section.
Other competitions
From time to time we are approached by various companies to enter once-off competitions – such as the celebration of Coca-Cola’s centenary celebration of its iconic glass bottle where 5 of our learners’ designs made it onto a special Coke calendar.

Learners may enter the Biology and Afrikaans Olympiads which are general knowledge based. The English Olympiad involves the study of a collection of works and is done every two years.

Subject Day
Based on a different theme each year, this day has become a highlight on every learner’s calendar! It is time to dress up according to a theme (such as Shakespeare or Superheroes) and learn something new.

Talent Show or Soirée
Veritas has a phenomenal number of talented learners. This evening showcases our dancers, singers, musicians and actors.

Theatre Outing
Especially for Grade 8s – following extremely successful outings to see Janice Honeyman’s Aladdin in Nov 2013 and Peter Pan in 2014, we have already booked to see 2016’s production. This takes place during school time at the Jo’burg Theatre. What a way to end off the year!