“We are living in a hurting and damaged world. Pastoral Care is about healing the hurt and repairing the damage when and where we can. Pastoral care is the how of what we say and do. It is how we greet one another in the mornings.
It is how we manage our classrooms and how we conduct parent interviews. It is how children relate to one another and how they relate to their teacher.
It is how we implement our Vision to educate holistically. As educators, we need to educate the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social and physical dimensions of ourselves and those in our care, in order that we become balanced, happy, integrated people of God, capable of loving others.”

“Veritas College is a learning community that strives to live the message of Jesus as both a support and challenge to its members’ all-round growth: growth in their humanity, in their gifts, their awareness and care, their ability to achieve, and their commitment to contribute.” (Brother Michael Burke)

Our Religious Education Programme which encompasses Pastoral Care and Outreach offer pupils the opportunity to grow in their humanity by being actively involved in:
A well-structured R.E. Curriculum based on the ’Fostering Hope’ Policy for Religious Education, in S.A. Catholic Schools. A policy which is relevant to all, yet sensitive to learners and their relationship to their faith and their religious communities.
A weekly Assembly Programme whereby all classes take turns to present a short liturgical reading or dramatization. These performances are thoroughly enjoyed by learners/teachers and parents and always give the message of how to bring the principles of justice, peace, equality, acceptance, unity, truth and God’s enduring love for all His people.

Major Liturgical Feasts and other significant days which are celebrated through liturgy and masses. The main feast days celebrated included:-
The Feast of St Thomas Aquinas (The Patron Saint of Veritas College);
The Feast of St Dominic;
The Feast of Blessed Edmund Rice;
The Feast of St Catherine,
The Feast of St Patrick;
The Feast of Our Lady,
Advent, Lent and the Ascension of Jesus.

All Intermediate/Senior Phase learners enjoy a Retreat Day, arranged by Father Lewis, our College Chaplain. Here issues such as respect for self and others, personal integrity, positive and negative behaviour, relationships and team building are focused on.
Sacramental Preparation is an important aspect of our R.E. Programme, and under the instruction of Ms Judy Fuchs, our pupils make their First Holy Communion each year.
Pupils are given the opportunity to grow in their awareness and care and contribute their time by being actively involved in:
Our Pastoral Care Programme which embraces our slogan of ‘Where we learn, live, and Lead with Love’ and yearly support the following causes:
– The Kwasa Pre-Primary School, an outreach programme of the St. Peter & St. Paul Anglican Church. The children who attend the school live in the informal settlement of Vukuzenzele in Daggafontein. Many of the parents of these children are unemployed and therefore the children rely on support from churches and schools. Veritas learners have given generously towards this cause each Friday with their donations of fruit, fruit-juices, sandwiches and canned food.
– St. Vincent de Paul’s Society, Springs Catholic Church. All tinned food and charity money, that learners donate, for School Masses, are given to the St. Vincent de Paul’s Society who distributes the food to needy families within in the community.
– The ‘Son Chasers’ Outreach Group is involved with many different projects at Vita Nova.
– ’67 Minutes for Mandela’ sees each class adopt a worthy project and give of their time.
– National Bandana Day – Pupils support the cause by wearing bandanas to school.
– Pupils are requested, each year, to bring donations of Christmas gifts which are taken to the Sithand’Izingane Aids Orphanage.
– Life Orientation – Our Life Orientation Programme extends itself to dealing with aspects such as Bullying and HIV/AIDS.
– Civvies’ Days are held from time to time during the year and the money raised is banked in the School’s Pastoral Care Account.
– This Money is managed by the Religious Education Co-ordinator in collaboration with the teacher who heads up the Pastoral Care Programme and the Headmaster.
– Pastoral Care Book – A book is kept in the Staff Room where teachers are invited to record information around their pupils, their pupils’ families and fellow staff members who may be in need of a ‘lift’ in spirit or health. Flowers, cards, teddies are purchased for these necessities.
In 2010 Veritas College celebrated the 80th Birthday of one of its roots, namely the Convent of our Lady of Mercy, Springs. This celebration reminded us of the mission of the founding Dominican Sister and Christian Brothers: ‘To educate young people to live fully in their world, not only with knowledge and competence but with that integrity and purpose that come from the vision and values of Jesus as they pursue and participate in the unfolding of truth (‘veritas’).