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Outreach/Pastoral Care – Senior School

Every year our Grade 11 pupils partake in the ‘pilgrimage of the cross’ which concludes with the celebration of Mass. This takes place at the Cathedral, Christ the King, which is the centre and heart of the diocese.
This Mass offers our Grade 11 learners the opportunity to come into contact with other fellow students and illustrates that they are part of a community that goes beyond their own school’s borders.
Another very significant part of our RE programme is the combined Nelson Mandela and Retreat Week which takes place in July every year. The retreat day offers an opportunity for our learners to deal with personal self-discovery and spiritual renewal. The Nelson Mandela Day is celebrated as part of our extended Outreach programme: each grade has 67 minutes to volunteer towards an organisation of their choice. The following activities took place this year:
* Grade 12s visited The Nokuphila Children’s Centre, where they were involved in gardening and playing with the children.
* Grade 11s visited The Springs Retirement Village, where they donated toiletries, spent time with the elderly and made an activity book.
* Grade 10s visited Springs Care, where they packed food parcels for needy families in and around Springs.
* Grade 9s chose Kwasa School as their organisation for which they collected clothes parcels to donate.
* Grade 8s visited CHANCE Children’s Home, donated a book to each child and spent time reading to them.