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Leadership Program

Leadership Programme
1. To afford all learners the opportunity to help, guide and lead fellow learners.
2. To enable the Leadership Council to work together as a cohesive team.
3. To allow learners to establish and exercise their own leadership qualities.

Head of Religion
Head of Houses Namely Catherine, Dominic, Edmund
Health & Safety
A staff member is allocated to each portfolio for guidance.

Term of Office – July to July the following year
Election Date:
This varies from year to year but needs to take place at least 2 weeks before the ERS Leadership Camp that is held in October each year.
Only grades 10, 11 and 12 and staff vote in the election.

Procedure for elections
1. In July each year the Life Orientation department deals with applications and Curriculum Vitae and this is in preparation for Grade 11 learners who wish to apply for a position on the Leadership Council. A comprehensive CV and letter of application is submitted to the Life Orientation department.
2. Interviews of prospective candidates are held where candidates are interviewed by a panel of educators. The Principal and/or Head of Discipline are present at each interview session. This process enables the learner to finally decide whether they would still like their name printed on the ballot form or not.
3. The ballot form is then compiled. This provisional form needs to be verified by staff and Grade 11 learners to ensure each and every name appears of the learners that wish to stand in the elections.
4. An election date is announced.
5. The day before the election the Head of Discipline needs to ensure that the following are ready:
* Ballot box
* A minimum of 4 voting booths
* Pens placed in each voting booth
* The ballot forms have been printed in a different colour for each grade
* Voters rolls for the different grades have been printed so that a name can be crossed off once a learner has received a ballot form
* On election day classes are called to the hall
* Educators who bring their classes, mark names off on the voters roll
* Completed ballot forms are placed in the ballot box.
* Once votes are counted, learners with the highest number of votes are slotted into portfolios.

Election Results
1. A formal assembly takes place to announce the new Leadership council.
2. Pledges of allegiance are signed at this assembly and read out.
3. This new Council commences with their duties only once a formal inaugural assembly has been held.