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Cultural Overview

Public Speaking
Public Speaking is a very important part of Veritas College’s Cultural Programme. Learners who are involved in this programme benefit both academically and within themselves as researching the topics and creating the speeches is a big part of being a Public Speaker. Participation in the “United Nations Debate was introduced to Veritas in 2011.
An annual high school Public Speaking Festival is held by the Speech & Drama College. Veritas College Senior School takes part every year and has won several times. The Speech & Drama College have a very high standard which the Veritas College public speaking teachers maintain. Our school usually enters one team per grade to make sure our learners have ample opportunity to take part in such a prestigious activity.
Teams comprise of four outstanding learners who are able to talk openly and well in front of crowds.As a result of this, Veritas College recognises the effort of the learners by rewarding them with team awards and colours after 3 years of participation. Public Speaking is also a very important factor when a learner is being considered for their honours and cultural blazers.
We are proud of all our participants and we will continue to impress the judges and our competitors with our talented learners.

Debating is another section of the Veritas College cultural programme that helps enhance a learners ability to speak and think clearly thus helping them to develop invaluable skills. Debating is held in the afternoons usually after the One-Act Plays have finished. Classes are held to teach pupils how to debate and enable them to practise their debating skills. Veritas College participates in various Debating competitions and holds an annual Inter-House Debating Competitions.

Inter- House One –Act Plays
The One-Act Plays are chosen, directed and acted by the learners themselves. No assistance is provided by staff other than co-ordination and advice if needed. Directors are chosen from the older learners and those directors are responsible for the entire play, including the choice of play,the cast, costumes and rehearsals. The learners gain wonderful experience and have loads of fun.

Music Centre / Marimba Bands
Piano lessons are offered on a private basis at our Music Centre ( Preparatory Campus) working through the Royal Schools of Music, London. Both theory and practical are offered.