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Uniform Requirements

(Respect for one’s College and oneself)
A Veritas College blazer is compulsory throughout the year.
(Only scrolls awarded in the Senior College may be worn on the blazer)

Matrics may wear the matric jacket at the college from Mondays to Fridays. However, when arriving at college and departing the college, the college blazer has to be worn. The blazer may therefore be taken off when at college. Assemblies will require the blazer to be worn.
The jacket may not be worn at any formal gatherings.eg Mass. This also applies to outings and excursions

Boys and girls
1. Short-sleeved, open-neck white shirt with the College badge on pocket. No ties allowed with open-neck shirts. Shirts must be tucked in.
2. The navy blue pullover with the College badge.
3. Lace-up black school shoes of the appropriate size. (No boots or patterns on the shoe). Laces must be tied at all times.

1. Grey flannels with a plain black belt and plain buckle.
2. Grey socks.
3. Trousers not to be too tight or baggy or too long. Underwear may not show above the trouser line.
4. Black shoes to be worn. No suede shoes, thick soled shoes or boots may be worn. Shoes must have round toes and laces. Shoes with buckles are not permitted.

1. Tartan skirt or culottes (Length – maximum of four fingers from the ground when kneeling).
2. White ankle socks folded over. Socks not allowed to be rolled down.
3. Lace-up or buckle up black, round toed, flat College shoes (no pattern on them).

Boys and girls
1. Long-sleeved shirt with College tie.
2. College scarf only (Navy) (White for Grade 12s.)
3. Girls may wear navy knee-high socks OR black or navy tights/pantyhose.
4. Navy College trousers (or tartan skirts-girls only).
5. Long sleeve navy jersey with badge.
6. Navy gloves (optional)
7. Grade 12’s may wear white pullovers
8. Tracksuit tops may not be worn instead of blazers or under blazers.
9. T-shirts not to be visible under College shirt.
10. A navy rain coat may be worn only when it is raining.
11. Beanies are not part of the College uniform.

Boys and girls
1. Practice kit: Field: Navy shorts and navy Veritas tops (available from the Uniform Shop at the Preparatory College), tracksuit (straight leg i.e. No elastic in the bottom of pants).
2. Swimming: Regulation swimming costume and tracksuit.
3. Match kit: Will vary depending on sporting-code and team. Check with Head of Extra-curricular.
4. House uniform – Red, Green or Blue T-shirt with house logo and name.
The trousers must be of a good fit and length and should not be too tight or too baggy. Trousers must be worn at the correct hip level.
5. College jersey’s sleeves should not be pushed up or hang over the hands.

Throughout the year:
1. Provincial blazers, Provincial, inter-CBC or Matric ties may be worn to formal Assembly.
2. Only College related lapel badges may be worn on blazers. A small SA flag or Aids ribbon may be worn. Recognized provincial or national sports lapel badges may be worn, but permission must first be obtained from the sport coach/co-ordinator who will verify its authenticity.

Grade 12:
1. Grade 12 girls may wear flesh coloured, matt nylon stockings and navy court shoes no higher than 5cm (no stilettos may be worn).
2. The Leadership council must wear their ties throughout the year.
3. Matric jackets may only be navy or white. No hoodies are allowed and the logo must be approved by the Principal.

SECTION 3: Appearance
1. The college uniform should be worn with pride – whether on the college or in town. All articles of uniform must be clean, in good repair and labelled. (Labels can be ordered from the College office).
2. When College uniform is worn off the campus it must conform to the uniform rules.
3. Religious symbols may be worn around the neck but should be under the shirt and not ostentatious. Any other cultural or religious symbols must be approved, in writing, by the Principal and /or Head of discipline. No black or coloured plastic/rubber bangles are allowed.
4. The chewing of gum is prohibited.
5. The possession of narcotics, alcohol or illegal substances, as per the South African School’s Act of 1996 is strictly prohibited.
6. Tongue studs, nose studs or any other visible body piercings and jewellery except girls’ earrings are strictly prohibited.
7. Tattoos are strictly prohibited

1. Nails must be a reasonable length. When hands are held up, nails must not be visible over the tips of the fingers. Only clear varnish may be worn. This is at the discretion of the Principal or management for Matric learners where the matric farewell is concerned.
2. Boys must be clean-shaven.

1. Nails should be neat and short (maximum 2mm above finger when viewed from palm of the hand). No nail art allowed to be stuck on the nails.
2. Only clear nail polish is allowed. No pearly colour.
3. Hair must be tied back if it is shoulder length or longer. Hair bands / bobbles in navy or bottle green are allowed. Hair may not be hanging in the face nor may it just simply tucked behind the ears. A fringe is allowed but it may not be below the eyebrows. Plaiting may not be loose strings, these need to be tied back, no strands are to be hanging in the face.
4. Only one ear-ring per ear (in the lobe) and only silver or gold small, plain studs or sleepers (these are 13mm in diameter and 1mm thick, the size of the current 10c piece. (Neither diamond or coloured studs nor Creole earrings allowed. No charms on earrings allowed.).
5. No make-up is allowed (including mascara, eyeliner and foundation).
6. No artificial hair-colouring is allowed. Highlighting etc. is strictly prohibited.
7. No elaborate hairclips, hairbands and tieback bands will be allowed.
8. Only a white or flesh-coloured bra may be worn and it is recommended that a white or flesh-coloured camisole or tank top is worn under the shirt.
9. No visible tattoos.

Dress code for Civvies Days
1. No dresses/skirts shorter than above the knee.
2. No low-cut tops/blouses/dresses or see-through blouses/tops or shoe-string straps may be worn.
3. If hipsters are worn, no lingerie is allowed to be visible. All the necessary underwear must be worn.
4. No short tops/blouses. No part of the stomach or back is allowed to be bare.
5. No belly-rings may be worn.
6. No shorts which are shorter than above the knee may be worn.
7. Jeans may not be skin-tight.
8. If any learner does not comply with the above dress code, they will be sent home immediately to change. Alternatively learners can wear full College uniform.
9. Tongue rings, nose studs etc. are prohibited.

1. Hair must be neat, combed and short i.e. hair may not touch ears or collar or extend outwards more than 3cms from the scalp. No Mohican style, neither spikey nor “bed-head” styles.
Gel is tolerated on condition that use conforms to the ruling mentioned in 1.
2. Boys must be clean-shaven. Sideburns, moustache and beard “fluff” are not allowed.
3. The various styles of plaiting are allowed as long as they do not contravene the ruling on hair mentioned in 1. Plaiting must be flat against the head and no loose strings at the end allowed.
4. Dreadlocks are prohibited (they contravene 1).
5. Page-boy cuts are prohibited (they contravene 1).
6. No artificial hair-colouring is allowed. Highlighting etc. is strictly prohibited.
7. Tongue-rings, nose studs, earrings, etc. are prohibited.
8. No shaving of hair in patterns or lines allowed.

Dress code for College outings
1. Learners must be neatly dressed at all times if not in uniform. Learners are in the public eye and are representing your College.
2. The dress code for civvies day is applicable, but the teachers in charge of outing will advise learners what to wear.
3. No underwear showing.
4. All necessary underwear to be worn.
5. No jewellery.
6. No cut-off sleeves allowed.
7. No crude or offensive slogans on clothing.
8. No skin tight jeans or skimpy shorts

The college will not hesitate to send a learner home who flaunts these regulations. Zero will be recorded for the assessment/ examination concerned.