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Academic Awards and Criteria

Academic Awards and Criteria
1. GR 8 – 9
Academic Scroll – an average of 80%
Subject Awards:
English – 80%
Afrikaans 2nd Language – 80%
Zulu 2nd Language – 80%
Mathematics – 80%
All other subjects – 85%

2. GR 10 – 11
Academic Scroll – an average of 75%
Subject Awards:
All subjects – 80%

3. GR 12
Academic Scroll – an average of 75%
Subject Awards:
All subjects – 80%
Dux Scholae Award – to the top learner in Grade 12

1. Colours awarded will be based on the final year mark obtained, ie the combination of the year mark and the final examination.
2. Gr 8 – 11: All academic awards will be made at a prize-giving to be held at the beginning of each year and is be based on the learner’s performance the previous year.
3. Academic awards may be made to Gr 12 learners at the Valedictory Dinner, after they have written their Preliminary examinations.
4. Academic Honours may be re-awarded after the Gr 12 Preliminary examinations, only to a learner who has received academic scrolls for 5 years.
5. In the case of learners who do 7 subjects, English and the best four subjects are to count toward the average. In the case of official Immigrant status, English and the best 5 subjects will count.
6. In the Case of learners who entered the college after Gr 8, their reports from previous schools may be taken into account when making half and full colours awards at the discretion of the Head of Academics.

Academic Half Colours – Awarded to a learner who achieves 2 academic scrolls
Academics Full Colours – Awarded to a learner who achieves 3 academic scrolls
Academic Honours – Awarded to a learner who achieves 4 academic scrolls
Academic Honours Re-award – Awarded to a learner who achieves 5 academic scrolls

Some of our Gr 10 and 11 learners have 8 subjects (including Advanced Programme Mathematics and ‘extra’ subjects in some cases). Consequently, the top 7 marks (excluding RE/LO) will be considered when working out Academic Colours in accordance with the IEB practice of passing learners on their top 7 results.

As of Feb 2016, If a child is ill during an exam his marks can be mirrored IF there is a timeous request and IF there is a doctors note. Weighting must be considered. We can mirror only some or all marks; but the request must be made within two weeks of the exam being written are written and at discretion of the Exec. Death of close relatives is awarded absent, not zero. Counselling must be afforded the child to inform that the IEB will not give the same concession in Matric and it can e done. This concession is afforded only once in the High School career.