• The curriculum at Veritas Preparatory is holistic, covering a wide range of subjects. We strive for academic excellence, extending each individual to his/her full potential. The learning programme incorporates the relevant requirements of the Revised National Curriculum Statement and the CAPS policy document, but focuses on the unique needs of Veritas College.
  • We aim to develop in our learners a life-long desire to learn and explore. This is encouraged through the teaching of exciting lessons, setting challenging projects and extending the learning experience through trips to places of interest and tours.


Foundation Phase – Grade 1 – 3

In the Foundation Phase our learners are given opportunities to experience success by learning through practical, interactive as well as formal activities:

A balanced programme is followed where essential skills, knowledge and values are integrated into all aspects of learning, with the inclusion of Sport, Computers and Arts and Culture to ensure all-round development.

Instruction is centred on Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills.

  • Literacy focuses on learning to communicate effectively, and process information in a spoken, and written format. Critical Thinking Skills are developed to promote creative and coherent expression.
  • Numeracy fosters mathematical knowledge and skills relevant to everyday situations, and   focuses on identifying and solving problems and manipulating numbers in a variety of ways.
  • Life Skills centres on the holistic development of the learners, to prepare them to play a meaningful and productive role in a democratic society, promoting values through social, physical, emotional, creative and spiritual development.

Inter/Sen Phase – Grades 4 – 7

  • In the Intermediate Phase the learners learn three languages – English, Afrikaans and isiZulu.

Mathematics; Science and Technology; Social Sciences; Arts and Culture; Physical Education and Religious Education/Life Orientation make up the rest of the weekly programme.

  • The Senior Phase learners learn three languages – English, Afrikaans and IsiZulu.

Mathematics; Natural Sciences; History; Geography; E.M.S.; Technology; Computer Studies; Physical Education; Arts and Culture and Religious Education/Life Orientation make up the rest of the weekly programme.

  • We encourage learners to develop their higher order thinking skills in all areas of their studies.
  • Most importantly, our curriculum is underpinned by Catholic/Christian values but are respectful and accepting of all Religions. Our Religious Education Programme is designed to give our learners a strong Christian foundation which they are encouraged to build on in their daily lives.